Gold is a precious metal, from which jewels of particular beauty are made. It is important to know a few things about the marking on gold jewelry to make your jewelry purchase worry-free. You have the opportunity to buy multi-carat gold jewelry from the pawnshop for memorable gifts.

Gold is quite soft in its pure form and must be mixed with other metals to be processed. Gold jewelry is marked accordingly. Gold purity is measured in karats, which indicates the percentage of pure gold present in gold jewelry.

Gold markings have been established through a regulated system at the level of each country, and the more gold a gem contains, the more karat it has, meaning it is more valuable.

How is gold jewelry marked?

Gold jewelry, the favorite of women and men alike, existing on the Romanian market, has markings that start from 9K and reach up to 24K.

You have the opportunity to discover a piece of pawn jewelry to give as a gift to a loved one, on a special occasion, because you have a wide range of products at affordable prices.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to refresh your gold jewelry. You can sell the ones you have and you can buy new ones, made in different styles.

If you have a little patience and check the products online or in physical agencies , you have the chance to discover special jewelry, of great value, a good long-term investment.

Over the 9K

9K gold jewelry has only 9 parts gold out of a total of 24 parts alloy, so it has a gold content of 37.5%. On 9K gold jewelry, the existing marking is 375. If you find these numbers inside the gold jewelry, you will know that it does not contain much gold, even if it looks very good and is beautifully crafted.

10K gold

With a gold content of 41.67%, 10K gold jewelry has 10 parts gold, and the mark that must be present in this case is 417.

12K gold

12K gold jewelry has half gold content, 50%, the rest alloy metals. This is also why the mark is 500.

14K gold

With a purity of 58.33%, 14K gold contains 14 gold parts out of a total of 24, and the marking for earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces made of this gold is 585. A good part of the existing jewelry on the Romanian market is made of gold of 14K, of various colors.

18K gold

The 18K gold jewelry that you can have in your jewelry box can bring you good money if you sell it to purchase new models. The gold content for this jewelry is 75%, which is 18 parts gold out of a total of 24 parts alloy. The mark in this case is 750 and you should look for it if you buy other 18K gold jewelry. This type of gold is especially used to make jewelry with precious, semi-precious or even diamonds.

20K gold

Products with this stamp contain 83.33% gold, i.e. 20 parts, the representative mark being 833.

22K gold

With a gold content of 91.67%, these products are 22 parts gold, bearing the 916 mark. Although it is a softer gold and can oxidize more easily, there is a rich selection of gold jewelry of this type.

24K gold

The 999 mark indicates the most valuable 24K gold jewelry, because it contains 24 parts of gold from 24 parts of alloy, that is, a gold percentage of 99.99%. Basically, the more karats the gold has, the higher the price of the jewelry will be.

More types of gold

Gold on the market can be yellow, white or rose. Each individual type has certain metals to obtain the much coveted color.

What can a yellow gold piece of jewelry contain? First of all gold, but also fine silver, copper and even zinc. The mixture gives the shine of pure, genuine gold.

White gold, which has lately been associated with silver jewelry, contains an alloy between yellow gold and palladium or manganese. The color is metallic gray, not white as it is believed, and white gold jewelry can change its shade, either becoming whiter or taking on a yellowish tinge.

Rose gold is obtained from the combination of gold and copper and retains its color intensity, which can be different depending on the alloy.

Some gold jewelry has a yellow-green tint and you may think it is oxidized and not genuine. Nothing more fake. An alloy of pure gold, copper, silver and zinc leads to this color. In addition, other mixtures can lead to bluish or purple gold hues.

We can’t help but bring up the black gold, which is a gold alloy, which is treated with a galvanic or laser surface treatment.


Durability and shine

Gold jewelry gains intense luster and increased durability if it is plated with rhodium, a hard, silver-toned metal.

Basically, gold becomes harder and more beautiful when alloyed with other metals, and by polishing it acquires an increased power of light reflection.

Regardless of the karat number of gold jewelry, buy only from stores with tradition, known, which offer you a guarantee and the possibility of returning it in case you change your mind. This way you will ensure that the jewel purchased is authentic.

The marking on gold jewelry shows how much gold is in that product. Buying jewelry with many karats is an investment for the future.